Pokemon Go November 2020 Community Day Guide: Electabuzz, Event Move, Bonuses, And More

Pokemon Go is hosting not one, but two Community Days this month, and the first is just around the corner. November’s Electabuzz Community Day takes place this Sunday, November 15, and like previous events, it gives players around the world the chance to catch a rare Pokemon, participate in an event-exclusive Special Research story, and take advantage of other bonuses. To help you prepare, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Pokemon Go’s first November 2020 Community Day below.

November’s first Community Day features the Electric-type Pokemon Electabuzz. Throughout the event, Electabuzz will appear in the wild much more frequently than it normally does, and players will have an increased chance to encounter a Shiny Electabuzz. On top of that, Electabuzz’s baby form, Elekid, will be hatching from 2 km eggs during the Community Day.

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