Pokemon Go Makes It A Little Easier To Get Mega Energy

Mega Evolutions made their debut in Pokemon Go back in August, and since then, developer Niantic has been fine-tuning the feature to make it easier for more players to enjoy. Last month, the studio outlined a slate of changes it planned to implement in the game soon, and now some of those adjustments have gone live.

Most notably, you can now earn Mega Energy by walking with a Buddy Pokemon, provided you’ve previously Mega-Evolved a Pokemon in your Buddy’s evolutionary line. Before this, the only way to obtain Mega Energy was either by participating in Mega Raid Battles or completing certain Research tasks, so this change gives you a handy new option for collecting the energy.

That isn’t the only change that has been implemented. Players can now also earn extra Candy when they have an active Mega-Evolved Pokemon and catch another monster of the same type. You can read more about the changes on the official Pokemon website.

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