Pokemon Go Has Earned $1 Billion In 2020 Alone

Even though going out to search for new Pokemon was a much more difficult in 2020, some modifications to the game and a player base with more time on their hands than usual has meant to Pokemon Go has made a lot of money this year.

Sensor Tower is reporting that Pokemon Go has brought in $1 billion so far in 2020, and has surpassed $4 billion in lifetime revenue. Its total is now around $4.2 billion.

These are estimates based on the site’s analytics, but the game, which launched in July 2016, is unquestionably still very popular. 2020 is now the game’s single biggest year.

The game’s previous best year was 2019, when it earned $902 million. The game still has two more months to keep driving that record up. Pokemon Go is the third-highest grossing mobile game worldwide for the year, behind PUBG Mobile (which has made enormous money) and Honor of Kings.

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