PlayStation 5’s Biggest UI Changes: How Sony Is Reinventing Its Interface For PS5

For a while, it seemed pretty wild that Sony hadn’t revealed the UI of its upcoming PlayStation 5, given that the console’s launch is only in a few short weeks. But that has finally changed thanks to a recent State of Play presentation offering a more detailed look at how the console works. Unlike Xbox Series X’s UI–which is similar to current-gen Microsoft consoles–the PS5’s UI is entirely different from its predecessor.

To help give you an idea of what to expect from the UI of Sony’s upcoming next-generation console, we’re going over the most significant changes. This includes numerous alterations to how you interact with the console’s base functions like screenshot tools and your friends list, what the Create button pops up in the UI, the new navigational system known as Cards, and much more. While what we detail below is based on the recent presentation, we’ll, of course, know a lot more once we get a hands-on with the PS5 come November 12.

Regardless, be sure to check back as we detail the latest changes. You can also check out the video version of this feature in the player above for a more visual look at the details we’ve presented. Otherwise, if all this sells you on Sony’s next-generation console, be sure to hop into our PS5 preorder guide.

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