PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now lets you fulton your friends, Metal Gear-style

The best piece of Metal Gear Solid V (ie, lashing inflatables onto clueless troopers, sheep and steel trailers) is going to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, via another “Crisis Pickup” thing that will allow you to indulgence your whole group skywards.

Presently playable on the PUBG public test workers, fix 11.1 presents a deployable fulton swell for you and your partners. Like something like Apex Legends’ redeploy inflatables, the Emergency Pickup deployable offers you a chance at quickly heaving yourself across the guide.

When sent, the inflatable will hold noticeable all around for 60 seconds, letting you and your group tie yourselves in. Following a moment, a plane will get the Fulton, maneuvering your group into the air and advancing towards the focal point of the protected zone. Anytime, you can bounce off and parachute back to earth—and you may need to, considering you can be taken shots down anytime during the flight.

As a methods for quickly getting away from peril, it sounds perfect. Be that as it may, I’d be enthused about seeing PUBG lean considerably further into Metal Gear-style jokes. Let’s go, folks. Allow me to lash an inflatable onto a brought down enemy and send them taking off external the circle. That’d be a giggle.

Fix 11.1 likewise once again introduces Paramo with improved territory and better cover, however says goodbye to Haven and Karakin maps. PUBG Corp says it’s been reevaluating the way map pivots work, and has chosen to keep Erangel and Miramar as lasting installations while the leftover guides cycle all through the three excess spots.

“We realize that our players have totally different tastes with regards to plan size, yet the agreement has commonly been supportive of the huge 8×8 guides,” PUBG Corp composed. “Cycling out maps likewise offers us the chance to chip away at them a piece for when they make their return.”