Play PC VR games lag-free on your Oculus Quest 2 with this Netgear Wi-Fi 6 router for $85

Netgear’s Nighthawk RAX35 (AX3000) Wi-Fi 6 switch is half off this moment.

There are a lot of motivations to think often about Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), boss among them better treatment of numerous web associated gadgets and the genuine potential for remote PC VR with the Oculus Quest 2. Stage one in exploiting Wi-Fi 6 is purchasing a switch dependent on the remote detail, and you don’t need to spend a mint on one—Walmart is selling Netgear’s Nighthawk RAX35 (AX3000) for just $84.99 at this moment.

That is half off its rundown cost, and significantly less expensive than the RAX40, probably the best switch for gaming, which Walmart sells for $199.99. Here’s the kicker—there’s very little contrast between the RAX35 and RAX40, absolutely insufficient to warrant paying more than twice so much.

Netgear Nighthawk RAX35 | AX3000 | Wi-Fi 6 | $169 $84.99 at Walmart (save $84.01)

Most Wi-Fi 6 switches in this limited value range are more slow models (normally around AX1500-1800). You don’t get a USB port on this model, yet it conveys quick velocities on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz groups for under $90.


Both are four-stream models fit for covering 1,500 square feet, as per Netgear, and both are double band models with a similar speed appraisals—up to 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and up to 2,400Mbps on the 5GHz band, subsequently the AX3000 assignment.

They likewise both offer an underlying four-port switch, taking into consideration up to four wired associations (1Gbps), a standard component on any cutting edge switch. They’re both fueled by a similar double center processor and backing a similar arrangement of safety highlights. Anyway, what’s extraordinary?

As a Netgear agent handed-off in a help string, the RAX40 has a USB 3.0 port and the RAX35 doesn’t. For certain individuals, that may be an arrangement executioner. Yet, in the event that you can manage without a USB port on your switch (valuable for sharing a printer without worked in Wi-Fi or capacity across an organization), you can get a good deal on the RAX35, which is usually equivalent to the RAX40.

I have not tried this particular model, however have spent numerous hours benchmarking and assessing Nighthawk models previously. As far as I can tell, they’ve commonly been quick, dependable, and equipped for covering enormous territories.

Furthermore, with Virtual Desktop now accessible through the Oculus App Lab for your Quest 2, Wi-Fi 6 is the solitary genuine any desire for getting a slack free encounter. Consider everything, Half-Life: Alyx liberated from links in your own home…

It’s additionally worth referencing that most of Wi-Fi 6 switches in this value range are more slow models. For instance, TP-Link’s Archer AX21 is an AX1800 switch and expenses $5 more on Amazon.