Phasmophobia Is Ghosting Plans For PVP

Fans of sleeper hit ghost-hunting sim Phasmophobia may be disappointed to know that the developer has officially canned any plans to bring a PvP mode to the game.

At one point, Phasmophobia’s public Trello board mentioned the addition of a PvP mode where one player could control the ghost being hunted. But in an interview with IGN, Kinetic Games’ sole dev Dknighter said that he added that PvP post to gauge reactions, but he currently has no plans to add a PvP mode.

“Right now I have no plans to add another game mode, as it would turn the game into something completely different, and push the game away from what I want it to be. I want the game to remain 4 players vs. 1 AI, and balance the game, then add new features around that style of gameplay,” Dknighter stated in the interview.

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