Peter Jackson Reveals His Favorite Lord Of The Rings Scene, And He Didn’t Direct It

Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings film series is packed with many beloved scenes, but one stands above all for the director, and it’s not a scene he directed.

Sitting down with The Lord of the Rings super-fan Stephen Colbert, Jackson said one of the scenes that best captures the spirit of the project is one that came in late and was not originally planned. In The Two Towers, Jackson wanted to properly introduce Gollum, but the director remarked that he didn’t have a sequence that effectively demonstrated Gollum’s two-persons-in-one existence as Gollum and Smeagol. “We knew we needed it, but we had no time to shoot it,” Jackson said.

So Jackson turned to his partner in real life and on The Lord of the Rings, screenwriter Fran Walsh, to write and direct a scene that showcased Gollum’s identity. The scene from The Two Towers shows Gollum grappling with his pained existence, bouncing back and forth between what he wants and what the seduction of the One Ring is compelling him to do.

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