Persona 4 Golden Gets Its First Patch On PC

Version 1.1 is now available to download for Persona 4 Golden on Steam. The first patch for the PC version of the classic JRPG addresses gameplay and stability issues including random crashes, progression issues, improved optimisation, and so on.

Those participating in the game’s Open Beta Branch will have already encountered these fixes, but they’ve now made their way to the Main Branch of the game for everyone. Version 1.1 tackles a number of issues relating to various parts of Persona 4 Golden, such as problems with cutscene playback, including a new lower playback mode that smooths out the performance on older machines. There are also fixes for crashes that could occur when removing an Xbox One controller, a progression issue that sometimes happened when entering Yukiko’s castle, and another issue that would prevent some players from being able to complete Quest 3.

Below is the full comprehensive list of fixes made in the first patch.

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