Pedro Pascal’s Game Of Thrones Audition Was “Unusual,” And Here’s Why

Pedro Pascal played the memorable character Oberyn Martell on HBO’s hit fantasy show Game of Thrones, and now we’ve learned a little more about how it all began. David Benioff, who co-created Game of Thrones, told Variety that Pascal’s audition for the show was far from ordinary (at least for the time).

Benioff said Pascal auditioned through a video he filmed on his iPhone–and the quality of the video wasn’t great. But in the end, it didn’t matter much because his performance convinced Benioff to hire him.

“First of all, it was an iPhone selfie audition, which was unusual,” Benioff said. “And this wasn’t one of the new-fangled iPhones with the fancy cameras. It looked like sh**; it was shot vertical; the whole thing was very amateurish. Except for the performance, which was intense and believable and just right.”

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