Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event adds five Epic skins and a Bounty Hunter brawl

The Overwatch Lunar New Year occasion for 2021 is currently in progress, with another Bounty Hunter fight and a possibility for players to score some in-game prizes symbols, splashes, and Epic skins.

The new fight has straightforward principles: The primary part in the match turns into the Target, who the wide range of various players—Bounty Hunters, that is—should then chase down. Whoever scores the slaughtering blow against the Target turns into the new Target, without any end in sight it goes until just one remaining parts. Abundance Hunter will be added to the standard Arcade pivot after the Lunar New Year occasion is finished.

However, it’s the new rewards that we’re truly intrigued by, and as usual, you’ll have the option to open them by finishing week by week difficulties—that is, dominating games—while the occasion is running. Dominating three matches every week will get you a Lunar New Year symbol, six successes nets a splash, and for nine successes each week you’ll bring home the enormous prize, an Epic skin:

Five new Legendary skins have additionally been added to the game—you can look at a display of the new makeup underneath.

The Overwatch Lunar New Year occasion for 2021 is live now and runs until February 25. Full subtleties are up at playoverwatch.com.