Overwatch League MVPs will no longer get their own unique skins

2020 MVP Fleta’s Echo outfit will be the last Pro-propelled saint skin.

This week, Blizzard reported two new skins for Overwatch, celebrating 2020 League champs San Francisco Shock and occasional MVP Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim. However, this’ll be the last time a League MVP is given their own corrective—and it isn’t difficult to think about why.

Overwatch began the pattern of compensating players with their own skins in 2019, starting with a tentacular Zenyatta search for earlier year MVP Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang. A year ago, an outsider Zarya skin was granted to Jay “Sinatraa” Won—and it’s here that deifying an ace player inside the game gets argumentative.

Recently, the previous OWL ace player (having moved to Valorant last April) was blamed for rape by an ex. Following the allegations, Won was dropped by his Valorant group, while Blizzard reported that it would eliminate his MVP skin from Overwatch, offering discount credits to people who’d effectively gotten it.

Won denied the charges in a proclamation via online media. Notwithstanding, regardless of whether Blizzard hasn’t unequivocally refered to it as a justification murdering the MVP skin program, the possibility of cosplaying somebody blamed for misuse is an awkward note for Overwatch.

Thus, while groups may keep on getting their own triumph beautifiers, Fleet’s Echo skin will be the last time a player will be compensated with a MVP legend skin. It’s a nice skin, as well, with a polarizing decent/underhanded powerful that Blizzard says reflects “both Fleta’s quiet character and his forceful in-game playstyle”. Piece of a disgrace we will not see more like it, truly.