Over 100 million PCs still run Windows 7 a year after Microsoft ended support

Windows 7 is holding solid, and really acquired piece of the pie a month ago.

Microsoft reassessed general help for Windows in January 2020, finishing what had been a 10-year run. In any case, rather than shriveling endlessly and subsiding into the references of OS history, it is assessed that Windows 7 is as yet running on in excess of 100 million PCs, and maybe way more.

Strikingly (or strangely, contingent upon your viewpoint), Windows 7 really expanded a lot of the Windows OS market in December, as indicated by information pulled by NetMarketShare. It went from holding a 18.78 percent portion of all PC OSes in November to 19.71 percent in December.

That is barely short of a full rate point. It additionally sums to one out of each five PCs running an OS that is not, at this point commonly upheld. Nonetheless, venture clients can in any case pay for broadened uphold through January 2023 “if all else fails alternative,” as Microsoft calls it. Sadly, NetMarketShare doesn’t perceive between big business/business and home shoppers in counting piece of the overall industry figures, so its absolutely impossible of knowing the split.

It’s additionally interesting business changing over piece of the overall industry considers along with real utilization figures. In any case, Ed Bott at ZDNet ran a few figurings and closed “unmistakably in any event 100 million PCs are as yet running Windows 7,” noticing that the real number may even be “essentially higher.”

Almost certainly an enormous number of Windows 7 introduces are endeavor frameworks in settings where performing discount overhauls would either be excessively costly, or too cerebral pain inciting, regarding running inheritance programming. Maybe even the dominant part.

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What might be said about shoppers who are worried about protection in Windows 10? They without a doubt represent a part of Windows 7 holdouts too, yet likely not close to so much. That is absolutely evident among gamers. Taking a look at Steam’s most recent equipment and programming overview, the rate hole between Windows 7 and Windows 10 is a lot more extensive—simply 3.74 percent run Windows 7, versus 91.84 percent who are running Windows 10.

That adds up to nine out of 10 gaming PCs running Windows 10. Obviously, Steam’s review is imperfect, similarly as. Be that as it may, it is the best metric we have for the PC gaming fragment.

Is it accurate to say that you are as yet running Windows 7 on any of your PCs? Tell us in the remarks segment what OSes you run nowadays. Also, for those of you who are adhering to Windows 7, we’d be interested to know your thinking.