Our Number One Show Of 2020: What We Do In The Shadows

When it came time to decide GameSpot’s top 10 shows of 2020, it wasn’t an easy task. In a year where many of us spent months at home locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TV was an escape. That should be evident in our top 10, filled with shows that made us think (Devs), scream in terror (The Haunting of Bly Manor), relive past glories (The Last Dance), and simply feel good (Ted Lasso). When it came to deciding our top TV show of 2020, though, the answer was clear.

FX’s What We Do in the Shadows Season 2 was the perfect escape from this year. It made us laugh nonstop, it constantly surprised us, and it managed to take a stellar first season and actually improve on it to create a more interesting world, filled with disco vampires, socially awkward slayers, and a society of the undead that wants nothing to do with the characters we’ve grown to love since the series premiered in 2019.

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