Nvidia pays good money for a hashtag emoji simply to poke fun at its CEO

Spatula emoticon probably considered excessively conceptual.

On the off chance that there’s one thing most firmly connected with Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, it’s the calfskin coat. You’ll never see the man sans coat. It’s a staple of each featured discussion, stream, occasion, and I wouldn’t be at all amazed if Huang wears one to bed around evening time. It’s additionally obviously the absolute most unmistakable thing that Nvidia could settle on for a marked emoticon close to the #nvidia hashtag on Twitter.

I have a feeling that I’m generally lovely sharp on such things however I’ll concede this one got me. Maybe it’s since it’s not in any manner what I had anticipated from an organization that takes its marking extremely, truly.

I will take a punt and say that this is some type of early April Fools joke.

You disregarded this reviled time, huh? Set yourselves up for significantly more than one influx of helpless jokes with a turn of phrase that is quite often ‘no, not actually’.

Either that or it’s a set-up for Nvidia’s GTC, or GPU Technology Conference, which happens a long time and will include a feature from Huang on April 12.

Whatever the reason, the organization most likely dedicated some critical amount of cash on a Twitter showcasing effort to open such advantages. Those marked hashtag emoticons presumably don’t come modest.