Nvidia gaming laptop GPU specs leak, but is it really an RTX 3080?

Various specs, diverse GPU, same name.

A strong looking break has apparently affirmed the base specs of the new Nvidia RTX 3080 versatile GPU. With 48 SMs, and consequently 6,144 CUDA centers, it sure seems as though we’re getting the full GA104 silicon repping as a RTX 3080 in the new gaming PCs.

The absolute most energizing new PC gamery things set to spring up early this year are the new Nvidia RTX 30-arrangement gaming workstations. Seeing the force the green group has dropped into its work area cards, it’s no big surprise that we can hardly wait to perceive what will occur in Ampere portable trim. It doesn’t appear as though we must stand by long either, as hole upon spill is uncovering more about the new GPUs.

This most recent hole comes direct from the Geekbench information base and was uncovered by noted Twitter leaker (Tweaker?), TUM_APISAK. Presently, I don’t discover the Geekbench information base totally dependable with regards to parsing the potential gaming execution of a specific designs card, yet it gives a beautiful powerful look at the center specs of the GPUs being referred to.

The outcome comes from a trial of an Asus ROG Zephyrus GX551QS PC; a monster of a machine brandishing the so far unannounced AMD Ryzen 9 5900H CPU and the Nvidia RTX 3080, and it vows to be perhaps the most remarkable new gaming PCs coming out this year. With a virtual CES 2021 for all intents and purposes commencing one week from now, and both AMD and Nvidia expected to declare their separate versatile parts, I’d expect this Asus machine will be one of the new gaming PCs put up front wherever one week from now.

The Ryzen 9 5900H is an eight-center, 16-string CPU, with a maximum clock speed of 4.54GHz, so it’s the genuine article. The versatile variation of the RTX 3080 it’s combined with accompanies 48 SMs, 6,144 CUDA centers, and 16GB of (presumably) GDDR6 instead of GDDR6X.

I’d propose it’s improbable that Nvidia would cut the GA102 GPU from the full 84 SMs right down to 48 SMs for a portable SKU along these lines, as recommended by Videocardz, it’s more probable this is the full GA104 GPU that Nvidia as of now utilizes for the work area Nvidia RTX 3070 cards.

Which implies you could contend that the RTX 3080 in the impending gaming PCs isn’t actually a RTX 3080 in light of the fact that it’s utilizing a completely unique cut of Ampere silicon, however what’s in a name? Wouldn’t a versatile GPU with a similar presentation as a work area RTX 2080 Ti actually smell as sweet?