Nvidia announces RTX 3060 12GB for $329, launching late February

There’s another standard GPU around.

The RTX 30-arrangement is going to get somewhat more moderate. Nvidia declared today the RTX 3060 designs card, which will come furnished with 12GB of GDDR6 memory and be accessible from late February—for $329.

The RTX 3060 should make for a respectable update for anybody actually shaking a 10-arrangement card, as Nvidia is quick to specify, with the card offering the most recent Ampere engineering and all the great stuff that accompanies it.

That is 13 shader TFLOPS, 25 RT TFLOPS and 101 Tensor TFLOPs of crude execution, if that implies a lot to you. It’s really simple to think about where this GPU will fall in the general presentation scape of the 30-arrangement, simply head to our RTX 3060 Ti audit and work in reverse from that point. However, that huge memory cradle will have the last say in certain benchmarks.

The card has been really vigorously reputed for some time currently, frustrating everybody with its 12GB GDDR6 memory. That is higher limit than the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070, which both accompany 8GB of GDDR6, though on a slimmer 192-cycle memory transport. It’s significantly more noteworthy limit than the RTX 3080 at 10GB, however the very good quality card accompanies quicker GDDR6X memory and generally speaking significantly better memory transmission capacity.

The move to 12GB is regularly seen as a reaction to the higher memory limits of AMD’s RX 6000-arrangement, yet you’ll never hear Nvidia state it.

Whatever the explanation behind the liberal aiding of VRAM, the RTX 3060 12GB sure seems like an incredible gaming card at a more reasonable cost than we’ve as of now seen out of Ampere. We should trust there are bounty accessible when they dispatch one month from now, since appeal is likely an odd take on the cold, hard truth for what’s to come.