Nuts launch date trailer introduces a big mystery: Why do these squirrels have TNT?

The ‘squirrel observation’ experience will be out in February.

My father spent a not-insignificant number of hours taking up arms against the neighborhood squirrel populace over control of his winged animal feeders. He battled valiantly, and unflinchingly, and eventually he lost: After an episode including an irate squirrel who got free in the rear of his truck, he chose the entire thing did not merit the issue. Armistice was accomplished: The squirrels were allowed to continue on ahead pretty much left alone, and some way or another life went on practically as it generally had.

The entirety of this rung a bell today with the declaration that Nuts, the “experience in squirrel reconnaissance” that was uncovered at the 2020 Guerrilla Collective feature, will be out on Steam and on February 4.

As a tenderfoot field scientist working somewhere down in the Melmoth Forest, you’ll go through your days putting cameras and your evenings examining film as you track the developments and practices of the territory’s squirrels: Their development designs, their concealing spots, and whatever else it is that squirrels get up to when they believe there’s nobody viewing. The designers guarantee “a cozy, vivid story with full voice acting,” highlighting “intense visuals and foley audio effects that wrap you in a dynamic woodland.”

Everything looks and sound very serene, suggestive of Firewatch somely, but then I’m almost certain there’s more going here than meets the eye. For a certain something, there’s a practically expendable remark in the declaration proposing that the squirrels are carrying on “oddly.” The dispatch date trailer delivered today goes to some surprising spots, as well: Why might a squirrel stash explosive and matches?

I have no clue about where this is completely headed, however that sort of sleight of hand was at the core of Firewatch as well, and regardless of whether it didn’t exactly pay off in the end it made for an exciting late spring experience. I don’t anticipate that Nuts should have the passionate force or haul of Firewatch (TNT-prepared squirrels, truly?) yet it’s absolutely caught my interest. I need to understand what those little rodents are getting up to.