No Man’s Sky Developer Is Working On A New “Huge” Game

Hello Games has been very busy since the release of No Man’s Sky, updating the game so extensively that GameSpot has reviewed it three times, increasing the score from a 7/10 to a 9/10 along the way. The studio has recently released The Last Campfire, a smaller adventure with no planetary exploration. Now the studio is looking to the future, and work on a new, bigger game has begun.

Talking to Polygon, Hello Games studio founder Sean Murray has talked about what the company is doing now, saying that they’re working on “a huge, ambitious game,” similar to No Man’s Sky. Murray, who used to work at EA and developed “lots of sequels,” is keen to make another exciting project, saying that Hello Games formed to make the games they “always wanted to make”.

Murray says that No Man’s Sky came about as the result of “a little bit of a midlife crisis,” and that The Last Campfire was made by just three people (the studio is made up of 26 employees). Half of the remainder of the team has been working on the team’s next project, which is meant to be a big one.

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