Nioh 2’s latest patch fixes the previous update’s crashes

Update 1.27.1 additionally cures last update’s evaporating text.

Another fix for Nioh 2 has fixed the perpetual crashes and arranged different issues presented by the game’s past update.

Recently, fix 1.27 acquired some truly necessary mouse and console backing to Nioh 2. Tragically, it additionally brought constant collides for certain players, alongside odd practices when played at 120fps and an issue where text would vanish from the game’s menus.

The previous evening, Team Ninja dropped update 1.27.1, ideally stopping the greater part of these issues. As indicated by fix notes posted on Twitter, it shows up crashes were being brought about by everything from opening the character page with DLSS empowered to just stacking up specific conditions.

Nioh 2 is a splendid soulslike, a continuation our survey figured “advances what was at that point one of a kind about Nioh into something that Team Ninja can a lot of call their own”. Ideally, the current week’s fix implies we would all be able to return to appreciating it without trusting that the game will crash out underneath us.