Nintendo Switch Year In Review Is Back For 2020

Last year, Nintendo launched a year in review tool for Switch players to look back on how much time they’d spent playing games on the hybrid console. Now it’s back for 2020–a year that’s seen the Switch take off in popularity as the pandemic has forced us all to stay inside and seek solace in the quaint world of Animal Crossing.

Switch owners in the US and Canada (but sadly not other regions) can log in here and have a look back on their 2020 with the Switch. Nintendo’s tool will show you a bunch of stats, including how much time you spent on the Switch in total, and how many games you played over 2020.

It’ll break down how much of that time was spent in different games, too, so you can find out which game dominated your time in 2020. The stats breakdown will also show how many hours you spent gaming per month–which is likely to align closely with the time you spent in lockdowns or social distancing.

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