Nier: Automata on Game Pass/Windows Store is a different port to the Steam version, doesn’t need the fan fix

Square Enix never fixed its rendition, seems like Microsoft did.

In the event that you purchased the form of Nier: Automata delivered on Steam in 2019, the ‘Round of the YoRHa’ version, you’ll recollect the discussion. We called it “playable however disillusioning” because of issues including bolted framerate, extended UI in ultrawide, abnormal console and-mouse controls, and issues with goal that must be fixed by downloading a different program to empower borderless windowed mode. A few players experienced stammering and even crashes.

No fix was delivered for any of these issues. Modders at last acted the hero with FAR, the Fix Automata Resolution device, which fixed the bugs as well as improved the visuals.

On March 18, Nier: Automata was added to the Game Pass for PC membership administration and set available to be purchased on the Windows Store. It’s not the Game of the YoRHa version, notwithstanding, but rather the ‘Become As Gods’ release delivered on Xbox One of every 2018, with the DLC packaged in. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t have the Valve Character Accessory (a bunch of huge red valves you could stick into 2B’s head), it’s a similar game—then again, actually it accompanies borderless windowed mode as standard so it runs at the correct goal, there’s a choice to empower FidelityFX CAS, and players aren’t announcing any of the stammers or crashes that influenced the past PC discharge.

While it actually has a framerate covered at 60, this appears to be an in general considerably preferred port over the one delivered on Steam. That rendition, upgraded by the FAR mod and its visual enhancements, is at present the best accessible method of playing Nier: Automata on PC, yet it’s a disgrace that work was vital in any case.