Nier: Automata is being review bombed on Steam by players who want it patched

They’re requesting changes to coordinate with the Game Pass/Windows Store rendition.

Nier: Automata was delivered on the Windows Store and Game Pass for PC on March 18 of every an alternate release to the one accessible on Steam. It’s a port of the Xbox One’s ‘Become A God’ version, without a significant number of the issues that influenced the ‘Round of the YoRHa’ release delivered on Steam.

Those issues were rarely fixed and must be tended to utilizing a mod apparatus called FAR. Players were bounty disappointed at that point, however now there’s a form of the game unaffected by similar goal issues, or the faltering and crashes a few players experienced, and that is resumed old injuries. There’s a string on its Steam discussion calling for it to be survey besieged “until Square Enix give a fix fixing this wreck”, and over the most recent three days it’s gotten more than 300 negative audits. That is sufficient to drop Nier: Automata’s Recent Reviews rating down from ‘Positive’ to ‘Generally Positive’, yet it’ll take more than that before it drops to the negative.

Then, it’s been noticed that the Game Pass/Windows Store rerelease of The Evil Within is likewise an alternate form to the one accessible on Steam. It has a first-individual mode—an alternative that the continuation has on PC, yet was never fixed into its archetype. Players are less irritated by that, with just a solitary negative audit refering to it up until now.