Nicolas Cage’s next movie is a blatant Five Nights at Freddy’s ripoff

Willy’s Wonderland stars Cage as a janitor entrusted with cleaning a bedraggled cheap food joint invade with reviled animatronics.

An authority Five Nights at Freddy’s film was reported right back in 2015, however it hasn’t gained a lot of ground at this point. In 2018, FNAF maker Scott Cawthon said that finding a decent screenplay had been “a genuine test.” indeed, he’d finished a content for the task, yet then concluded he didn’t care for it, so he rejected it and began once again. In November 2020, notwithstanding, he said he’d at last concocted something he enjoyed, and that shooting would start in spring 2021.

Be that as it may, while Cawthon was being fastidious about taking care of business, Academy Award-winning entertainer Nicolas Cage was completing things.

Willy’s Wonderland stars Cage as The Janitor, a baffling stray who makes an arrangement to clean a frail cheap food joint in return for fixes to his vehicle. The joint is spooky—reviled—and Nic is intended to be just the following human penance. In any case, he has something important to take care of, and sky help anybody, or anything, who hinders him.

There’s a ton to take in here. Enclosure frowns, shouts, and does his dynamic applaud and-point thing, however doesn’t really express a solitary word. Gatekeepers’ ideal, most well known line is conspicuously swiped: “He’s not caught in here with them—they’re caught in here with him!” And obviously the entire thing is an exceptionally self-evident, in the act counterfeit of Five Nights at Freddy’s, additionally a story of endurance in the midst of a cheap café invade with had animatronics.

Willy’s Wonderland was declared in 2019 yet went to a great extent unnoticed, likely as a result of the altogether average portrayal: “Enclosure will play a janitor, compelled to go through the night in a curved entertainment mecca where he is maneuvered into a living bad dream,” Deadline said at that point. “As the undermining animatronic characters spring up, the janitor needs to battle his way starting with one beast then onto the next to make due until morning and escape the recreation center.”

All due regard to Cage—who, for the record, I find unfathomably engaging—however his group of work in the course of recent years has been abundant yet not actually a danger at any Golden Globes functions. He’s had some clique hits like Mandy, yet the outline for Willy’s Wonderland seemed like one more of the many low spending Cage actioners of the most recent decade. (Recollect Jiu Jitsu? Likely not.)

Since we have a trailer, however, Willy’s Wonderland out of nowhere sticks out, both as an indecent sham and a fantastic bit of present day grindhouse featuring a one-time Hollywood heavyweight with genuine acting slashes. I need to see this film.

Willy’s Wonderland is coming to on-request benefits in February.