Nick Offerman Recalls His Meeting For A Superhero Movie And What Went Wrong

Actor Nick Offerman auditioned for the role of Wolverine many years ago, but the part went to Hugh Jackman. As it turns out, that wasn’t the only superhero role that the Parks and Rec star was in the mix for.

Appearing on Rob Lowe’s podcast, Offerman said about three or four years ago (so 2016-2017), he had a Skype meeting with a director “for a superhero movie.” The production of this film, whatever it was, had some issues, and the director was fired; a crew member replaced him.

Offerman said he knew from the very beginning that there was no chance he would get the role, due in part to how he wasn’t exactly in top physical shape, but he tried to sell the director on the idea that he would be the “funny” choice.

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