NHL 94 Comes As An NHL 21 Preorder Bonus

Publisher EA Sports has announced a new preorder bonus for those who buy NHL 21 early on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: a throwback to NHL 94 that will be available on October 30.

NHL 94 Rewind is a retro-style throwback to the 1994 NHL title. It includes today’s teams and rosters, but with the controls and visuals from NHL 94. Instead of the realistic style of modern NHL games, this throwback features 16-bit graphics with 2D sprites and more simplified gameplay mechanics.

Though NHL 21 launches on October 16 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, NHL 94 Rewind won’t become available to play until October 30. It’s unclear if EA plans to sell NHL 94 Rewind separately. Check out some screenshots from the game below.

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