New Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date May Impact Dune’s Premiere – Report

While the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer released at DC FanDome gave fans something to be excited for this October, there is a chance the movie is getting pushed back yet again. According to a report from Deadline, because movie theaters are slow to reopen across the United States, Warner Bros. is rethinking about the DC movie’s release date.

According to the report, the October 2 release for WW84 won’t work and it could get pushed back to November or even late December. A release date in late December may conflict with a movie from Warner’s Legendary imprint, Dune, which is set to release on December 18. And even if everyone is exceptionally excited over Dune’s recent trailer release, WW84 being pushed back may mean the sci-fi film would get delayed until 2021.

WW84 was originally going to release on June 24. It was then pushed back to August 14 because of the pandemic, and was pushed back yet again until October 2. While WW84 has yet to release, director Patty Jenkins already has a few ideas for a third film.

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