New Trailer For Cybernoir Mystery Game Reveals Free Prologue Is Coming Next Month

During the Future Games Show, a new trailer for Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One was shown off. Releasing for PC on September 30, Day One is a free prologue to Chinatown Detective Agency, an upcoming Carmen Sandiego-inspired mystery adventure game set in 2032.

As seen in the trailer, you play as Amira Darma, an INTERPOL agent turned private eye who sets up shop in Singapore and whose investigations take her around the world. In the trailer, you meet three of the individuals who you’ll interact with in Day One: Rupter Zhou the fixer, Tiger Lily the kingmaker, and Keeran Iyer the reformer.

Unlike most mystery-driven adventure games, Chinatown Detective Agency asks you to be intuitive enough to know when to look for clues beyond the game. You’ll have to think like a detective and find the answers you seek through real-world investigations. Maybe that means popping into Google to look up the airport code that Amira needs or tracking down the origins to some quote you discovered in-game and then deducing how that information is relevant.

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