New Mutants Cast Explains Why You Should See This X-Men Movie In Theaters

It’s a strange time for movies–production is starting up (and then, just as quickly, shutting back down), major releases are hitting theaters in some countries and not others, drive-ins are making a comeback and would-be blockbusters are getting sent directly to digital streaming services. With how up-in-the-air many fans are feeling, it would certainly follow that the creatives behind these movies are feeling the same–but some are doing their best to find the silver linings.

In the case of New Mutants, the last entry in Fox’s now-defunct X-Men franchise–or the first of the post-Fox-buyout era, depending on your perspective–director Josh Boone actually thinks the movie’s strangely timed release is something of a blessing. Going straight-to-digital was not something that was even on the table, Boone assured. “We’d never had a conversation about it […] it was always really designed, especially the last act of the movie, to be on big IMAX screens because of scares and everything else. I would always suggest that anybody try to see it in the movie theater. I see these news articles where like 800 people are in a party in LA at a house without masks on–it’s like, how about instead you put a mask on and go to the movies?”

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