New Mutants Almost Featured An X-Men Character In A Surprising Role (Report)

Disney’s The New Mutants is finally hitting theaters this weekend, albeit after hefty delays. This is director Josh Boone’s first foray into superhero movies, and the movie has taken some weird turns to finally make it into theaters, but the most surprising thing about it might be the role one recognizable x-men character would have played, according to a new report from Vulture.

Citing various unnamed sources, that report says that the initial 2015 screenplay drafts written by Boone and collaborator Knate Lee failed to deliver the kind of vividly drawn teen drama the filmmaker had pitched to the studio. Boone had said he was drawing inspiration from 80s teen classics like The Breakfast Club, but nothing was clicking.

One of the biggest changes though was the treatment of Storm, a classic character and on-again off-again leader of the X-Men. In New Mutants, Storm was envisioned more as a “sadistic jailer” who enjoyed torturing the kids.

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