New Dirt 5 Trailer Shows Off Level Creation And Playgrounds Mode

During Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, developer Codemasters showed off a brand-new Dirt 5 trailer which introduces a Playgrounds mode for players to create their own levels.

The trailer, embedded below, highlights some of the obstacles players can place in Dirt 5’s Playgrounds mode when the game hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 16. This includes donut ramps, fire rings, platforms of all kinds, bumps and kickers, tunnels, and more. Players can share their levels with the rest of the world, and those that garner enough attention will make their way to a “Featured” playlist of other created levels. Similar to Super Mario Maker 2, Dirt 5 will feature a global repository of levels separated by various categories, as well as weekly leaderboards players can compete on.

Dirt 5 will also receive some brand-new modes alongside Playgrounds. There’s Gate Crasher, where players must drive through gates in the fastest time possible; Smash Attack, in which players must destroy as many objects in the allotted time to achieve the highest score; and Gymkhana, a mode that rewards players for completing dricks and tricks with speed and style.

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