New Black Panther Skin Coming To Fortnite Soon

Following the reveal of a new set of Black Panther-inspired challenges that unlock the Wakandan salute emote, it seems the hero himself will get a Fortnite skin very soon.

According to the Black Girl Gamers Twitter account, a Black Panther skin is coming to the game. This has long been rumored and was previously leaked by dataminers.

Epic Games hasn’t formally announced the skin yet, and it’s not available on the in-game store at the time of writing. However, Epic has announced a new trailer is slated to go live later today, which will likely reveal the skin. For now, there’s no word on how much it may cost or if it’s part of any in-game bundle. The Black Girl Gamers Twitch channel will be one of several streaming a watch party for the trailer, and it will be giving away codes to unlock the new skin.

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