New Apex Legends Aftermarket Update Changes Wraith And Pathfinder (Again)

Respawn has released the full patch notes for the Apex Legends update that’s going live alongside the upcoming Aftermarket Collection Event, a limited-time event that adds Caustic’s heirloom, legendary cosmetics, a brand-new mode, and cross-play to the battle royale game. The two big standouts in the patch notes are character balancing changes and evo shield adjustments.

In terms of characters, Wraith and Pathfinder get the two big changes this time. Respawn has attempted to nerf both characters numerous times, as both consistently remain top picks for their overall utility and dominance (especially Wraith). “We don’t want to hit [Wraith’s] abilities anymore,” Respawn writes in the patch notes. “We think both she and Pathfinder have been pushed to the edge in terms of cooldown and utility nerfs where pushing them any further would make them a lot less fun to play.”

So instead of adjusting her abilities any further, Respawn is instead changing the interdimensional skirmisher’s running animation–something that has allowed the already tiny legend to become even smaller and harder to hit. The new animations make her “more upright and expose a larger area of her body to gunfire,” which should nerf Wraith a bit by making her easier to hit.

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