Neve Campbell Shares Her Excitement For Scream 5

While movie theaters and the movie-going experience overall have both been on increasingly shaky ground this year, the horror genre has been gaining ground and making a strong return. Against this backdrop, Scream 5 has been becoming increasingly into focus with early details about what to expect from the upcoming entry for the slasher series that dates all the way back to 1996. Actor Neve Campbell, who has been a part of the franchise since it first started, made a recent appearance to share her excitement for what’s ahead on CBS’ The Talk–you can see the full clip below.

During the brief segment, Campbell shares how she was initially reluctant to return to Scream, and her concerns over carrying on with the movies after the prolific and iconic horror filmmaker Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street) who originated them died in 2015.

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