Netflix’s Outside The Wire Has Anthony Mackie Welcoming You To War

Netflix just dropped the second trailer for its upcoming sci-fi movie, Outside The Wire, starring Anthony Mackie and Damson Idris as it debuts next week. Mackie plays Captain Leo, a prototype android super solider that needs Idris’ Harp to help him break his programming and find his humanity again. Check out the trailer below.

Much like the first trailer, there’s still that Training Day vibe and chemistry between the two soldiers, but there’s also an underlying tension that is about to break loose. This trailer also gives you an idea of what Leo is all about and why his very existence is a secret.

Meanwhile, fans of Mackie’s Sam Wilson won’t have to wait too much longer for him to don the flight suit of the Falcon since The Falcon and The Winter Soldier hits Disney+ in a couple of months. We’ll finally see the fate of Baron Zemo and who takes up the mantle of Captain America.

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