Netflix’s New Early Cobra Kai Release Date Is Your Gift From The Streaming Service

If you’ve been waiting for the sweet embrace of a new season of Cobra Kai, and you’re counting down the days until January 8, 2021, then stop counting because that’s no longer the release date for the new season. Netflix has announced Season 3 of Cobra Kai will land on January 1, 2021. To celebrate the release, Netflix has a new video featuring Johnny Lawrence using a computer.

That’s right, you’ll be able to strike hard, strike fast with no mercy as you click “play” as hard as possible on your controller–possibly breaking it. Earlier this month, the first trailer arrived for the new season–which had its first two season premieres on YouTube Premium before moving to Netflix earlier this year. The end of Season 2 left one person in the hospital and a local high school torn apart–literally–as a karate riot saw students from Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence’s dojos at each other’s throats.

In addition to the earlier release date, Netflix has announced that the cast of Cobra Kai will join The Netflix Afterparty on January 2, to discuss the third season with hosts David Spade, Fortune Feimster, and London Hughes.

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