Netflix’s Cobra Kai Season 3 Gets Premiere Date, New Trailer, And Season 4 Greenlit

Ever since YouTube Premium’s series Cobra Kai landed on Netflix, the world finally knows how good this show truly is. In fact, it’s the No. 1 show in all of streaming right now. Now, fans of the series can get really excited as Cobra Kai has been greenlit for a Season 4 and the trailer for Season 3 has finally arrived.

Netflix revealed the premiere date for Season 3 is just around the corner on January 8, 2021. And with that, you can check out the new trailer below. Warning: If you haven’t finished Season 2 yet, you may want to pass on this because there are a bunch of spoilers.

At least we all know Miguel isn’t dead, and that has to count for something, right? Season 2 left everyone with many questions after the high school karate riot, and we’ll finally get the answers we’re looking for this January.

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