Netflix’s Barbarians Trailer Is Packed With Swords, Battles, And Blood

Game of Thrones might have ended last year, but from The Witcher to the recently announced Conan series, there’s no shortage of other shows to keep fans of epic battles and gory sword-fights happy. The latest series is Barbarians, which tells the story of the battle of the Teutoburg forest, when Germanic tribes took on the might of invading Roman armies. The first trailer for the Netflix series has now been released.

The trailer definitely suggests the show will deliver the violent goods, with equal amounts of intrigue and drama. There’s the villainous Romans, who are seen killing some captives to prove their might, and the heroic barbarian tribes who decide to rise up against them, despite the terrible odds. Interestingly, it’s filmed in the languages of the era (German and Latin), and it hits Netflix on October 23. Check the trailer out below.

Barbarians was created by Jan Martin Scharf and Arne Nolting, and the cast includes Laurence Rupp (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation), Attila C. Arpa (Atomic Blonde), David Schutter (Charlie’s Angels), and Bernhard Schutz (A Most Wanted Man).

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