Netflix Has A Free Section, And Here’s Everything You Can Watch Right Now

While Netflix may be the most-popular and well-known streaming service, there are still people who have access to high-speed internet that aren’t signed up for it. In order to try to get those people on board, Netflix is offering up some of its higher-profile content for free.

The watch free section of Netflix offers up a wide variety of programming for those still on the fence about the streaming service. From original movies to TV shows, it’s a very small taste of what the service has to offer. The only real downside is that as far as the TV shows are concerned, you’re only getting Season 1, Episode 1 for all of them, and that’s it.

The library of free content isn’t overwhelmingly extensive, but there are a few things newbies to Netflix will want to check out. Below, you’ll find everything in the free section. And again, for TV series, it’s just the first episode of the first season that’s available.

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