NBA 2K21: Cross-Gen Gameplay Is “Definitely A No”

NBA 2K21 is one of the many upcoming 2020 titles that will be released for both the current generation of consoles as well as the new systems from Sony and Microsoft. So, basketball fans might naturally be wondering about things like crossplay between different platforms and generations of consoles. The developers of NBA 2K21 have now offered some clarity on how this will work for their game.

In a recent roundtable interview, the studio confirmed that “cross-gen” gameplay–that is, people on PS5 playing against those on PS4 or Xbox Series X and Xbox One– is “definitely a no.”

“Cross-gen is definitely a no, because the next-gen experience is a new game built from the ground up,” the studio said. “You couldn’t have Halo 4 play Halo 5 online. That just wouldn’t make any sense. We’re in that same boat here.”

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