Mysterious Total War: Warhammer teaser hints at something, honestly your guess is as good as ours

DLC, update, or new game? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A 50-second mystery video was posted across Total War: Warhammer online media late yesterday, and the theory motors have started firing up to speed. It shows a wizard of the Celestial College—the Empire’s soothsayers, who control a breeze of enchantment called Azyr—looking as a comet flies across the night sky. The comet at that point turns into the top of a star grouping called Grungi’s Baldric, “Worshipped by warriors, smaller people, and dolts in abundance,” the wizard scoffs.

What’s more, that is it. It’s a more puzzling trailer than we’re accustomed to getting, particularly contrasted with the pretentious declarations each DLC for Warhammer 2 has gotten. That may mean it’s indicating something more modest, similar to an update for one more of the principal game’s groups in the second game’s Mortal Empires crusade. The wood mythical beings were the last to get such an update, maybe the heavenly body supported by diminutive people recommends they’ll get another update? (They were modified in 2018, however could be expected for additionally tweaking.) Given that the mystery centers around one of the Empire’s Celestial wizards, maybe it’s an update including their specific legend of wizardry? Furthermore, what’s going on with the unpleasant wizard out of sight?

Obviously, it could likewise be the principal indicate something a lot greater. All out War players are now speculating how this may be the beginning of a promoting effort for the hotly anticipated third and last Total War: Warhammer game. All things considered, twin-followed comets are a sign of wild occasions in Warhammer, and have proclaimed attacks of Chaos, who are anticipated to return as the adversaries of Total War: Warhammer 3.

The group of stars of Grungi’s Baldric is ascendant in pre-summer and late-spring. Maybe that is a clue we’ll be hearing all the more at that point.