Mundaun, a hand-pencilled tale of horror in the Swiss Alps, is coming in March

Excursion up a spooky mountain to find what befell your granddad, and possibly some different things as well.

The initial three months of 2021 may be a peaceful stretch, yet there are some fascinating things occurring. One of them will ideally be Mundaun, a “hand-penciled awfulness story” reported the previous summer that small time studio Hidden Fields declared today will be out on March 16.

Mundaun is an endurance ghastliness game motivated by the way of life and legends of the Swiss Alps, about a youngster named Curdin who goes to the town of Mundaun following the demise of his granddad. He discovers an unexpected end result: The town’s occupants are spooky by a malicious soul, and a significant number of them are anxious to shield Curdin from finding out a lot about their dim privileged insights.

The game will highlight a “circumstances and logical results” dread framework that “bewilders players when confronting risky circumstances,” which sounds not appallingly not the same as the mechanics in games like Amnesia or Soma. The declaration trailer delivered the previous summer absolutely has a Frictional Games vibe to it, however what makes Mundaun stand apart for me (and gives it a trace of Rusty Lake, which is never something awful) is that the surfaces are completely penciled by hand, making a surprising kind of foggy grayscale visual stylish. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether that will improve the frightfulness, however it certainly increases the temperament—I feel like there could be some genuine “Why’d ya spill yer beans?” going on here.

With the delivery date declared, Mundaun maker Michel Ziegler will uncover more about the game during a Q&A meeting that will happen tomorrow, January 13, on Discord. In front of that, you can learn more on Steam or at