Move over, Discord: FroggieChat is my new messenger of choice

Disregard Slack, Discord, or (paradise prohibit) Skype. It’s time we as a whole moved over to FroggieChat, a free return to the best visit customer of all—the Nintendo DS’s implicit Pictochat.

A “loyal revamp” of Pictochat for Windows and Android, FroggieChat is engineer StupidPlusPlus’ nostalgic gut punch for any individual who grew up with the first Nintendo DS. Meticulously reproducing the look and feel of that wonderful little customer, the dev has added a couple of new highlights—from additional attracting tones to a “idea” button for creating drawing prompts.

FroggieChat may purposefully just work over nearby wifi organizations—an intentional choice, considering the first Pictochat’s limits. In any case, with a hypothetical restriction of 65535 individuals for every visit room and the sorcery of virtual organizations, I figure some smart people out there could set up a feasible substitution to traditional talk applications.

FroggieChat is accessible free of charge over on Itch, however a $1 “Select” version will allow you additional drawing tones and a little crown over your name. The free form is likewise accessible for Android through Google Play, however I tracked down the in-application console altogether too insignificant on a telephone screen.

Presently, on the off chance that you’ll pardon me, I’m currently off to attempt persuade Future’s VIP to dump Slack for a PC Gamer FroggieChat hall.