Minecraft Is Getting PSVR Support Later This Month, And It’s Free

Minecraft is finally getting PlayStation VR support, with developer Mojang announcing a free update coming later this month to add the functionality.

In a new PlayStation Blog post, Mojang explains that it has been working on the new way to play for some time now and is very excited to offer it to all PSVR owners later this month. The update will let you play any Minecraft content using your PSVR headset, with Mojang stressing that no content will be inaccessible in VR.

With PSVR, you will be able to choose between two modes, namely Immersive and Living Room mode. Immersive mode is what you would likely assume Minecraft in VR to be, with your head becoming the in-game camera to fully immerse you in your crafting. Living Room mode is like playing non-PSVR games with the headset, projecting the game onto a virtual screen instead.

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