Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Update Out Now, Adds Winter Weather Tracking

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a simulator in the classic sense, practically a teaching tool in its realism and attention to detail. But a new update adds even more verisimilitude, by letting you fly everything from puddle jumpers to jumbo jets while immersed in a VR headset.

An update on the Xbox blog announced the sim update 2, which makes the game work with a variety of VR headsets. Those include the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, along with the headsets from Oculus, Valve, and HTC. Just make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Flight Simulator before you strap on your headset and take to the skies.

Flight Simulator already uses a first-person perspective with realistic dashboards and control panels for lots of aircraft, and actually taking off, flying, and landing your plane takes a high degree of skill. With the VR update, you’ll have to manage all that and your airsickness.

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