Metro: Last Light Redux and For the King are free on the Epic Store

We knew For the King was coming, yet Metro is a shock.

It’s time indeed to enjoy the week after week custom of getting a free game from the Epic Games Store. This week really brings us two giveaways, one we thought about—For the King, which Epic uncovered a week ago—and another that, apparently, is an unexpected reward.

For the King is a technique roguelike about oddball explorers who strike out to right the wrongs that have come to pass for their realm. “It’s a ridiculous prison frolic exemplified, with the sort of lively character that has gotten so mainstream in Dungeons and Dragons real play digital broadcasts,” we said in our 75% survey, yet in addition “regularly a troublesome, merciless game” that won’t stop for a second to kill you. Your gathering of three legends can be constrained by an independent players, yet it’s truly best delighted in as a center encounter.

The subsequent game going out free this week is Metro: Last Light Redux, the foul, apocalypse FPS set in (and, every so often, over) the passages of the Moscow Metro. Last Light is more sympathetic than its archetype, Metro 2033, and the Redux delivery incorporates a scope of new modes and highlights, ongoing interaction enhancements, and all DLC. Also, without exception, it’s extraordinary compared to other post-apoc shooters you can get your hands on.

For the King and Metro: Last Light Redux are free until February 11. After that comes Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition, a “enormously improved form” of the 2016 science fiction base-building procedure RPG. For considerably more free games, don’t miss our rundowns of best free PC games, best free games on Steam, best program games, and all the free games you can snatch at the present time.