Meet the Sage, a rad new healer coming with Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker

New healer and DPS scuffle occupations are coming to Final Fantasy 14

Last Fantasy 14’s most recent development Endwalkers is coming in Fall 2021, affirmed during the present exhibit. New openings were folded into the declaration, two of which are showing up with Endwalkers, yet we just got a nearby look a the new healer class, the Sage.

The Sage battles with a rad ether-permeated weapon, the Nouliths, which are four suspending cutting edges the healer moves around to slice at foes, shoot sorcery spells or enlargements, or to make defensive boundaries around colleagues. The Nouliths are likewise unique to Final Fantasy 14, which is really novel thinking about what amount is ordinarily pulled from existing games.

The Sage can secure the gathering with boundaries brought by the Nouliths, which could include into FF14’s firmly arranged battles in lovely intriguing manners. Managers are as of now a group dance, so I’m interested to perceive how they’re actualized. Should make for some perplexing timings and moves.

The Sage will have no necessary class, yet you will require the Endwalker development and to have one occupation previously leveled to 70 or above in the event that you need to give the work a turn.

Endwalker and FF14 6.0 will likewise check a more clear differentiation between unadulterated healers and hindrance healers. The differentiation will include in matchmaking also. We’re actually looking out for what those progressions will resemble.

Endwalker will highlight another work, however no subtleties were presented today aside from that it’s a DPS-centered scuffle class. Game chief Naoki Yoshida, game chief got back from the subsequent exhibit wearing a messenger of death shirt which had Steven going off in the Slack about a Neuromancer class, yet we’ll get an affirmation in May at the Final Fantasy fan celebration.