Master Chief’s Warthog Is The Suprise Star Of Fortnite

The one and only Master Chief came to Fortnite after a surprise reveal at The Game Awards earlier this month. Lobbies were filled with Spartans almost immediately, but the real star of the show wasn’t him–it was his Warthog.

“I might not have had the v-bucks to get Master Chief,” said Redditor TheRealCourtNut in a thread about the new emote. “But hell yes did I buy this skin and amused the hell out of myself with it last night.”

Just like Kratos before him, Master Chief came to the item shop with a back bling, glider, harvesting tool, and an emote. The emote, which can be purchased separately and used on other characters, shows the character riding around on a mini-Warthog. Master Chief may be the hot skin right now, but every pre-game lobby is packed with tiny Warthogs scooting around in circles.

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