Massive Fallout mod The Frontier releases, bringing the apocalypse to Oregon

The mod is famous to the point that it smashed its own Nexusmods page.

It’s been over a long time since the engineers of The Frontier began flaunting their enormous, goal-oriented New Vegas mod, and the mod is at last out. So foreseen that it quickly smashed its Nexusmods download page on delivery, the mod takes the individuals of the Fallout: New Vegas no man’s land to the neglected squanders around Portland, Oregon.

It’s an immense mod, with three new fundamental missions, 60+ side journeys, and “a huge number of lines of new voiced discourse” for them. There are likewise new things, however the huge new thing is driveable vehicles, which the mod makers are extremely glad for, calling them “the best emphasis of a modded driving framework for a Fallout title ever!” Your foes can likewise drive vehicles, which sounds shocking, obviously. Fortunately(?) there are likewise drivable tanks. What’s more, Vertibirds.

It’s a truly noteworthy looking mod. The playable zone is a similar size as the first Mojave desert from New Vegas, with the mod itself having a higher document check than the first New Vegas in certain regards. It likewise has more inside spaces than the base game and all the DLCs joined. It’s something like, at least 65, hours of ongoing interaction by and large.

You can discover The Frontier on Nexusmods. You’ll require Fallout: New Vegas and the entirety of its DLC to play. It’s a touch of work to introduce, yet they’ve made it pretty simple.