Marvel’s Avengers: Which Hero Is Right For You? (Spoiler-Free)

In the opening hour of Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll get to experience a small sampling of each playable hero. From Captain America’s firm resolve and focus in combat, to the tactical abilities of Iron Man, and the Hulk’s raw strength, the playable roster of heroes covers many different bases in a fight. The story campaign is a great way to experience the game’s slate of heroes and get accustomed to them at a steady pace. With each character having their own complex skill trees, gear-sets, and customizable options to pick from, it might feel overwhelming when deciding which hero is right for you.

With that in mind, GameSpot has a quick explainer on each of the game’s current slate of characters, detailing what they bring to the table and how you might enjoy playing them during an intense fight. While you can jump straight into the online multiplayer, it’s best to start with the campaign to get a sense of what the game is about. So with that, here’s our look at each hero in Marvel’s Avengers. If you want a more detailed look at each playable hero, then check out our on-going break downs for each character, such as this explainer for Iron Man.

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